Gerry's Jukebox

An online music website. This website allows users to create an account and purchase music. This project was created with Derek McCarthy and Christopher Slattery.

Dublin City Comics

A website created for the local comic book store, this website allows users to purchase figures from their favourite franchises.

Apple Lite

A 2D game built using Unity. Apple Lite is based on Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity and Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb.

Ale Yeah

A beer review website created using the Symfony 4 framework. Ale Yeah allows users to register accounts and review beer from all around the globe.

Food App

A rather simple food website built using AngularJS. This allows users to read or leave reviews of restaurants from around Ireland. Users can view the restaurants menu and location. This project was created with Eoghan de Bhal.

NCI Support App

A mobile application built for National College of Ireland. This application focuses on the colleges various student support services, allowing students to book meetings and view advanced tutorials at the touch of a button.

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