Software developer with a Bachelor of Science in Computing in Information Technology from the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
Gerry's Jukebox

Gerry's Jukebox                                                             This is an online music website, allowing users to create accounts, log-in to existing accounts, view and purchase music and the charts. Gerry's Jukebox was created with Derek McCarthy and Christopher Slattery for our 3rd year major group project in college.

Dublin City Comics and Collectibles

Dublin City Comics                                                   This is an online retailer site, created for the local comic bookshop Dublin City Comics. Users are able to create accounts, log-in to existing accounts, view and purchase various products and track orders.

Bleedin' Deadly Toys

Bleedin' Deadly Toys                                               An online retailer site for the independent toy seller Bleedin' Deadly Toys. This site allows users to register, login, purchase items and track their orders.

Apple Lite                                   A 2D adventure game based on Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity and Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb. This was a 2nd year college project for the Game Development module.

Ale Yeah                                                     A beer review website created using the Symfony 4 Framework. This allows users to register accounts, log into their accounts and view various beer reviews around the world. Only registered users are able to create new reviews. This project was created for the 3rd year Web Framework Development module in college.


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